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07 Dec

The colors collide

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This was the sight I saw as I stepped out my door the other morning. A very impressive sight if you ask me! I ran back in to the house and grabbed my camera, whether I would be late for my day job or not. I took a quick shot and put the camera away. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on the computer. This photograph is straight out of camera, meaning I did no editing to it whatsoever (actually I did very minor sharpening, but that’s it).
I liked this one so much I thought I would give it away as a free desktop wallpaper photo that you can download. Click on the name of the photo below to go to the full 1920 x 1200 wallpaper size.

The Colors Collide

The Colors Collide © Chris Lane Photo

15 May

Supermoon! photo tips

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I understand astronomers hate the term “super moon” (they prefer perigee-syzygy I guess!), but it is rather fitting when the it applies. We had the occurrence happen a week or two ago and I had no idea about it until I saw it out my window. What the supermoon is, is when the full moon combines with when the moon is closest to the earth in it’s cycle. Thus, it looks larger than usual, by about 14% and 30% brighter according to Wikipedia.
So of course I went outside to take a few photos. I attempted to do some HDR, which in my normal sense of editing didn’t work. I’m not sure why. But I took the photos and edited them together anyway, and resulted with this.

Supermoon granary © Chris Lane Photo

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21 Sep

Studio remodel update

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I’m happy to finally announce my studio remodel of the old granary building is one step closer to completion. If you missed the first post on this, you can view the initial studio photos (including outside) here. I have just finished step one, which was to clean it all up and a little bit of demolition. I am actually about 95% complete, because I still have to pressure wash the entire thing, to remove all the cobwebs and bird nests and their little presents on the floor and, hopefully, some of the oil from the floor.

So here you can see some of the space. The first one here has me sitting on the table to help judge space and scale. I don’t have a really wide camera lens (lowest was a 38mm effective) so it was difficult to show the entire area.

South East corner of new studio with me © Chris Lane Photo

As for the demo work, I removed all the rigged up counter tops and the short walls in the main room. I do still have to remove a few screws and nails from where I tore boards off, but those will only take a couple minutes.
I am super excited about this step
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15 Jun

Studio Project – The Beginning

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I have begun a new pretty ambitious project. I am retrofitting an old wooden granary into my working studio. I am not entirely sure, but I believe it was built in the 1970s, but possibly earlier. The only reason I think 70s is because of a grain ticket from that era that is on an interior wall, though that really only says that is when it was once used to hold grain.

Here is the front, North and west side:

The studio in the beginning © Chris Lane Photo

Here is the back, South and East side along with two of my four dogs:

The back of the studio in the beginning © Chris Lane Photo

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