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17 Feb

Foggy Sunrise

Chris Lane / photography / / 0 Comments

I am finally back with a Friday photo! It seems I have been really busy lately, but I’m probably making unwarranted excuses. So here I am at it again, I will try be more diligent in the future.
Today’s photo is one from September of 2009. It was a foggy morning and I shot this directly into the rising sun. If you would like to order a fine art print, use my order form here.

Foggy Sunrise

Foggy Sunrise © Chris Lane Photo

30 Sep

Free Natural Seamless Texture Pack 2!

Chris Lane / Free!, Textures / / 12 Comments

Here is another set of totally free textures for you to use at your whim. They are completely seamless, so you can loop them as many times as you want and not be able to see a seam whatsoever. Of course, the more they are looped, you will notice some repetition, but I do remove any big blatant indicators of it.

I do appreciate if you mention where you obtained them if you do use them. And let me know if you do and share what you made using it. On to the goodness!

Right click and hit save as to download.
Download the whole texture pack here in a handy dandy zip file. (43MB)


Full size image here. (2848px x 2428px – 5.83MB)
Seen here repeated four times:
Cement seamless texture

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08 Jul

Free natural seamless textures!

Chris Lane / Free!, Textures / / 4 Comments

To show my goodwill to the world, here is a set of four natural (mostly) textures. They are all seamless; meaning you can loop, tile, repeat, etc. to your heart’s content and never see a seam. I am giving these to you, world at large, to use in any fashion you like, absolutely, positively, royalty free…
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