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27 Jul

Free Natural Seamless Texture Pack – Flesh

Chris Lane / Free!, Textures / / 1 Comment

I haven’t posted any seamless textures in a while, so thought it was a good time to do another. This one comes as request from Dean. Message me if you would like to request any textures. These are all totally free and large scale and you can use them for any project. They are completely seamless, so you can loop them infinitely and not be able to see a seam whatsoever. Of course, the more they are looped, you will notice some repetition, but I do usually remove any big indicators of it.

I only ask that you tell me how you used them and I might share a link for you on my blog.

Right click and hit save as to download. These images you can really only see the detail in the large size, so I suggest clicking into those.
Download the whole texture pack here in a handy dandy zip file. (21.2MB)


Full size image here. (2068px x 1760px – 2.95MB)
Bonus image with mole! (2068px x 1760px – 2.91MB)
Seen here repeated four times (+mole image):
Flesh seamless texture

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