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15 Jan

Zombie posters

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Last year I started a tradition with these zombie party illustrated posters for a small group of friends of mine. Every quarter I host a party for my friends where we watch really bad zombie movies and play zombie video games and play zombie board games. It is really just an excuse to get a group of guys together and have some fun for an evening. In 2011 I illustrated the posters. In 2012, I wanted to change the style to something else. So I decided to make them fully typographical with a little extra to make it as if the posters were hanging around in a zombie apocalypse. I was inspired by a couple things. One inspiration was the safe areas in the game Left 4 Dead and the sequel aptly named, Left 4 Dead 2. And the design style was based on a series of ads from a stock photo company. I can’t recall the company anymore and I couldn’t find the ads online, unfortunately, but so it goes.

So, before the event I just email these out and then when people show up they get a free print on 12×18 matte heavy weight paper. I get these printed at my local print shop, Quick Print. They always turn out fantastic and I really like working with them.

Zombie Night 5

Zombie Night 5 poster © Chris Lane Photo

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14 Feb

Dude, don’t make fun of my mom.

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Even if she is defaced. With my last defacement project, of myself, I was told it was only a face a mother could love. Well, this time I have only a face a son could love. This composite image, including adjustment layers is 22 layers in total. It took about 2 hours of editing, but once again, there is no liquefying or real distortion within Photoshop done here. It is all actual manual facial manipulation. If you want to see more of how I did it, view my last defacement post here.

Mom defaced

Mom - Defaced © Chris Lane Photo

27 Oct

Horror movie photography

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With Halloween coming up at the end of the week, this is the perfect time to reveal a photo shoot and retouching series I worked on for the upcoming independent film Sidragasum & the Damned, from Spookshow Films. These photos are being used as promotion for the film. The shots here are of the main antagonist. Visit Spookshow Film’s website for more information.

Sidragasum & The Damned Spookshow Films

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