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10 Sep

Brief interview and photos of the exhibition

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This will be just a quick update on my solo-exhibition at the River Walk gallery in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. It has been hanging for a little less than a week now. It will be hanging until September 28th, so you still have time to get out and see it if you are in the area. If you aren’t in the area, you can still purchase prints (each image is limited to 15, so get them quick!). Just send me an email chris chrislanephoto.com
The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 2-8pm, Sunday 2-5pm.

First up, I did a brief radio interview with Rom Ogaard of Pioneer 90.1. I have embedded that just below, so you can listen here.

I realize now, listening to this, I said “I guess” an awful lot! Other than that, I don’t think I sound too stupid.

Next, my friend and fellow photographer, Bruce Ulrich, wrote up a blog post about the exhibition and how he helped me come to the conclusion of the subject matter I ended up choosing for the show.

Another reminder to not forget about the Art & Wine walk, where I will be at the gallery from 1-5pm on Saturday, September 20th. Make sure you come around and say hi!

Lastly, here are a number of photos of the gallery, some taken by Therese Jacobson, coordinator of the gallery. You can see some more of the photos I haven’t yet shown, though, obviously, they look far different when in person! They are printed on metallic paper and pretty large to show off the detail.

Unseen Splendor Exhibition

Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo

Bonus photo with my family
Family of Chris Lane

04 Jan

Featured Artist – Leslie Moroney aka @lamcreate

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For this Featured Artist, I am interviewing someone I met through Twitter (follow me). I found her images to be quite inspiring in their imaginative composition. I also love interviewing people that I find inspiring and especially those I think are rising artists. It is a good way to find out what or how they are thinking of things and how they work. And of course I have to share so that I am not the only one that benefits. Also, hopefully Leslie will get more of an audience to share her work. You can find her either here on flickr or on Leslie’s website. So with that, on with the interview.

dark beauty

What is the first creative or artistic thing you remember doing?
It started with drawing when I was just a kid.
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17 May

Featured Artist – Chris Maskell

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One of my favorite photography subjects is urban exploration and abandoned building photography. Unfortunately, I am unable to do much, if any, urban exploration (urbex) because I live in such a rural location. I do occasionally get to some abandoned houses, but time only permits so much. So I approached photographer Chris Maskell, who is based in London to ask him a few questions and feature his great HDR work.

The Music Does Not Live Here Anymore © Chris Maskell

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11 May

Featured Artist – Patrick Loehr

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This month’s Featured Artist is Patrick Loehr. I came upon his work in an accidental way by picking up his first children’s book, Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog in a bargain bin.
Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog © Patrick Loehr
I liked the artwork from the start and read maybe a page or two at the store and decided it was definitely worth a purchase. I got it home and read it to my son. For any of those that have a two year old, you can understand that it isn’t easy to keep one still long enough to finish a book, even one so short, but he was attentive the entire time. As for me, I loved not only the illustration style but the writing as well. I highly recommend picking it up whether you have kids or not.

I don’t have it yet, but Patrick has a second children’s book
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23 Mar

Featured Artist – Christopher Lane

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I am starting a new series on the blog where I feature artists, whether photographer, painter, sculptor, designer, illustrator, or anything else, that I admire and appreciate their work. I don’t know how regular this will be, but something I will come back to from time to time.
© Christopher Lane
In my first featured artist spot, I am promoting photographer Christopher Lane, and no, I am not so narcissistic to feature myself (I do that enough already through this blog!). This is the Christopher Lane that comes up first when you search Google for Christopher Lane photography.

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