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20 Dec

Zombie illustrations and a print review

Chris Lane / Design, illustration / / 1 Comment

Zombie Illustration

Today I have to show a set of zombie illustrations I made throughout the year. These are made for a private event as the invitation poster to give to a select few friends. I wanted to demonstrate first the posters then go in a little deeper and review the two different printing companies I used, shutterfly.com and docucopies.com.

The posters:
Zombie Night poster 1

Zombie Night poster 1 Close up

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10 Mar

How to design a formal invitation

Chris Lane / Design / / 0 Comments

Invitation closeup - header
My wife and I recently sent out these invitations announcing the future birth of our next child. This is our third child and we thought it would be fun to announce it with a formal & fancy meal. We instead decided on making a bunch of appetizers that people have probably never tried before such as artichokes, jacama, tomatillos, cactus leaves and other stuff.
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