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12 Sep

#SooC52 Week 29 – Dirt

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This week’s theme, and I’m still way behind on this, is Dirt. I chose the theme, partially because I was walking outside at the time and saw our enormous dirt mount from our foundation construction, but also because I know Pete works in construction so it should be easy for him to get a shot. Then again, he said that “dirt” does not equal “soil” in their version of English. Despite that, whenever I pick a word, I usually pick something that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

When I picked the word, though, I immediately got an idea in my head that I thought would be fun and would perfectly fit the theme. You wouldn’t think getting a bunch of kids to play in the mud would be difficult, but it was surprisingly. It didn’t take a great amount of time to get Tristan involved, especially when he could get me muddy as well, but Damien, and especially Anastasia, took some time. Eventually though, they were having a blast, running through puddles, smearing mud all over themselves and each other (with a little help from me to get full mud coverage).


Dirt © Chris Lane Photo
ISO 50, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/1600

This one is a little on the dark side. I had some other shots that were “better” exposed, but I actually like how this dark one looks a little more. Maybe best would be somewhere in between.

After they were covered from head to toe in dirt, I said I’d have to hose them down. They convinced me that running through the sprinkler would be more fun, so I let them do that. I certainly wasn’t going to let them in the house like this! Even after the sprinkler I had to change their bath water about 3 times to get them truly clean! But this shot was definitely a fun photo and fun process to get. Hope you like it.

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28 Jul

#SooC52 Week 25 – Fresh Produce

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I’m going to attempt to catch up on these posts, though if you aren’t reading this fresh as it’s posted, then I guess it really doesn’t matter! This week’s topic was chosen by John – Fresh Produce. I was talking to my 6 year old son about this and he had an idea he wanted to do, so this will actually be a double header!
I’ll show his first. He wanted to do the bananas as guns sort of theme. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a cowboy hat and I thought he could hold two guns/bananas but then of course the rest of the kids wanted to be involved as well. So, we got them some hats and we went outside. I exposed for the bright sky behind them and used a direct flash to light them from the front. I did sort of a Charlie’s Angels pose for the three of them, but try directing a 2, 4, and 6 year old all at the same time and see how it goes. Considering that though, they did pretty well. Anastasia’s banana is black, because we were going to make banana bread and I had that one in the freezer.

Watch yourself

Banana guns © Chris Lane Photo
ISO100, f/16, 1/200, 50mm

The second photo was what I originally had in mind. Almost anyway. This is in direct response to Pete’s photo of a banana a few weeks back for the Food subject. So, his photo was of a very fresh, very pleasant looking banana on a dark background. He had it propped up just right and looked great, as a banana and as a photo itself. So here I went in about as opposite direction as I could. Bright white background and base, banana upside down and broken, brown and overripe. It isn’t actually as overripe as I had hoped. I was going to use that completely brown frozen banana but when I tried to peel it, it mostly just melted completely to mush, so I had to settle for this.

Sad Banana

Sad Banana © Chris Lane Photo
ISO200, f/2.2, 1/100, 50mm

I hung the banana with some string (Imagine me explaining to my wife why I had a banana hanging from the ceiling light) and used some pins to hold the peel back and up (against gravity). The banana was in one piece at first, but quickly broke and even using a toothpick to hold it together was not going to work, which kind of worked in my favor in that it made it that much different from Pete’s. I used a white basket as the floor and a white scrim in front of a window. I had my flash on camera and it shot into the wall to camera left, I believe it was set at 1/4th power.

So there it is, week 25 finished up. Any comments, hit the form below.
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25 Mar

#SooC52 Week 12 – “Too Effing Busy”

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This week’s subject for the SooC challenge was from Doug, who is a few weeks behind and understandably chose the more conceptual theme of “Too Effing Busy.” Now I guess we will see if he actually makes something for this week, or if he just is too “effing” busy. ha! I actually had my concept pretty quickly, as this shot is something I’ve had in mind for a long time. I didn’t originally intend for it to be something that I shot SooC though. I actually intended this to be a series where I would be attempting to do multiple tasks, such as doing bills on the computer, making food, whatever but literally covered in children. I have 4 kids and that, historically, isn’t a lot, but it’s still a lot of kids. I love them very much though and definitely try to have enough time for them, but sometimes kids just never get enough time. So they tend to crawl all over me to get my attention or just to be close. So this photo isn’t entirely made up. Though if they were doing this, I probably wouldn’t be attempting to do bills at the same time. And I certainly don’t want to pretend I do all the work and my wife isn’t, that’s far from the truth. She puts up with these rascals all day long including doing homeschooling for our eldest. Now that’s work!

A couple things I notice on this now, you can’t really see the plate of food I had, to show I was trying to eat while doing all this. There is a pad of stamps on the keyboard, that shouldn’t be there. The dog I chose is so dark he just looks like a shadow at the bottom of the pic. I wish my wife was more interested in being more in the photo than just her arm handing me the phone. The lighting is ok, but nothing spectacular. I had a couple speedlights, one through an umbrella and the other in a softbox. Damien, in the back, doesn’t look quite as involved as I had hoped, but you can still see him at least. And I was going to have the baby drinking a bottle, but she had just finished so wasn’t hungry. All in all I think this turned out pretty decent for all the things that had to come together. The kids were fantastic and had fun doing it. They like to get involved with me when I am doing a photo shoot if they can. More time with me that way!


Busy © Chris Lane Photo
ISO 400, f/3.5, Canon 5D Mii, 50mm 1.8 lens, 1/160, Two speedlights set at 1/64 (iirc)

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18 Oct

Family Photos 2011 – Andersons

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For three years running now, I have been the family photographer for the Anderson family. I enjoy it every year and love watching their family grow up. Becky is my wife’s sister so we are all very close. This year she wanted to try something a little more old fashioned with all black and white photographs. I was definitely up for that as I originally trained with black and white film. I like looking for the contrasts as opposed to color (though I do love color also!) and bringing on new challenges. Here are a few of the photos from that family photo session. If you are looking for a family photographer, take a look at my rates page and send me a message. You can also email me at: chris [at] chrislanephoto.com Most family photo sessions can be finished in half an hour, but I am definitely willing to go longer if you would like more.

Enjoy the photos from this family session:
Anderson family photo © Chris Lane Photo

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22 Jun

15 seconds in the evening; a Timelapse

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Here I have a (very) short time-lapse video. This is taken in a few locations in my backyard in a single evening. I am still working through ways of doing time-lapse video, so I learned a few things. For one, I need to learn patience on my shots. When I was shooting these, often I thought, “oooh, but this over here would make a great shot!” but as you can see in this video, most of the clips are just too short. I didn’t really have much of an end in mind and since the clips are so short, it made the ending very abrupt. I could have faded it out along with fading the music, but eh, this is more of an experiment than anything.
I would love to hear any comments you may have on the video, or the music, or anything.
Music by Diablo Swing Orchestra.