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18 Feb

Series of Zombie movie-like posters

Chris Lane / Design, photography / / 3 Comments

Each year I put together a gathering of guy friends and dub them Zombie night. We do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style trashing of bad movies and play some kind of zombie themed board game. Along with that some great food, it ends up being a lot of fun.

I have been doing this for a few years now. For each party I create a poster design and follow a theme through the year. The first year I did illustrations, the second year I did typographic designs, and for 2013, the third year I wanted to make something like movie posters for zombie movies. Then when they are printed out at 12×18 they really will look like movie posters.

This series kind of runs in an ongoing story of a father and his son. You might see it as a cycle, the first being the actual ending, or maybe the first is just the beginning of the outbreak. Then each poster is relevant to the season that the part was in. So the first is of course Winter, then spring, summer, fall. They also transition in time. The first is at night, the next is just before sunrise, then day, then sunset. You can relate your own interpretation in the comments below.

Zombie Night 9 © Chris Lane Photo

Zombie Night 10 © Chris Lane Photo

Zombie Night 11 © Chris Lane Photo
a couple of closer detail images since that one is harder to see
Zombie Night 11 zombies © Chris Lane Photo

Zombie Night 11 survivors © Chris Lane Photo

Zombie Night 12 © Chris Lane Photo

I’d love to hear what you thought of these posters. Which was your favorite? Personally I like the spring one, but they all have their good and bad points.

04 Feb

#SooC52 Week 5 – Night Sky

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Already past the month mark on our Straight out of Camera 52 week challenge. For this week Doug chose “Night Sky” to which I said, well, I can’t hardly interpret that in a different odd way. Though I did think of some other non-traditional methods I could have used, I decided I’d actually go with the straight star field type photo. I chose this mainly because I would really like to get better at taking those kinds of photos. I wanted to incorporate myself into the shot, backlit by a flash, but my methods of that just ended up failing. So, I walked through knee deep (or deeper in parts) snow out into the field to get away from my yard light. I took a few with the moon because it was this cool bowl shaped crescent, but those didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

The most interesting was probably this one with my yard and house in it. I like how the yard light is shining around the big oak tree. The trees have a frosty look to them. I just wish the stars were brighter. I might share some of the others in another post, but for now here was my chosen image. This is definitely something I plan on practicing more. I used to have a Canon 40D which was pretty lackluster in dark situations like this, but now I have a Canon 5D Mark II which is exceptional in low light. I still could have improved on all of the images I took though. let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And make sure to click on the other guy’s posts to see all of their SooC images as well.

Night Sky

Night Sky © Chris Lane Photo
ISO 3200, f/5.6, 30 seconds. 30mm

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28 Dec

Dreaming of summer

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As the low for the night tonight is -30°F with a wind chill of -60°F
(image from accuweather.com)
I am obviously dreaming of summer. I was going through some old photos that I had not yet processed and found this one of stormy weather where the light was shining through onto the woods near my house. The color was quite intense. So, this is just a quick post to show how I wish it still was. The color is because it was in the fall, October 12th was when it was taken.

Light Shining Through

Light Shining Through © Chris Lane Photo

05 Apr

Into the Milky Way

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To the exact opposite end of the intense fog that I posted earlier this week, I have an example of the extreme clear skies from around where I live. I admittedly live in the northern Minnesota boonies. The closest town is only a few hundred, with 30 miles away is a town less than 10,000. I have to drive an hour to get to a city over 10k. This is very nice in some regards, but not in others.
One of the obvious benefits is the amazing skies we get. The landscape is very flat as well, so you can see for miles. Here I took a photo of the night sky when we had a site of the aurora borealis to the north. The photo below is more south westerly. The shot was taken at ISO 1250, f/3.5, at 30 seconds. This is a upward panorama of three shots. You can see that my camera added quite a bit of noise because of the high ISO and time, but I think it turned out fairly nice anyway.

Into The Milky Way

Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

Or a larger version:
Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

02 Apr

Into the fog

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I have posted a few times how much I love the fog, especially in photographs. It lends itself to some mystery and wipes away all the visual noise. A short time ago it was ridiculously foggy out and I got some pretty nice shots, I think.
All photos are available as fine art prints, by clicking here for the order form.

Buildings in Heavy Fog

Heavy Fog © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Rows

Fog Rows © Chris Lane Photo


Ghosts © Chris Lane Photo

Lost in the tree

Lost in the tree © Chris Lane Photo

Sinking Away

Sinking Away © Chris Lane Photo

Lost Fence

Lost Fence © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Sunrise over Spruce

Fog Sunrise over Spruce © Chris Lane Photo

Do you have a favorite? Let me know what you think in the comments below.