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10 Sep

Brief interview and photos of the exhibition

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This will be just a quick update on my solo-exhibition at the River Walk gallery in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. It has been hanging for a little less than a week now. It will be hanging until September 28th, so you still have time to get out and see it if you are in the area. If you aren’t in the area, you can still purchase prints (each image is limited to 15, so get them quick!). Just send me an email chris chrislanephoto.com
The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 2-8pm, Sunday 2-5pm.

First up, I did a brief radio interview with Rom Ogaard of Pioneer 90.1. I have embedded that just below, so you can listen here.

I realize now, listening to this, I said “I guess” an awful lot! Other than that, I don’t think I sound too stupid.

Next, my friend and fellow photographer, Bruce Ulrich, wrote up a blog post about the exhibition and how he helped me come to the conclusion of the subject matter I ended up choosing for the show.

Another reminder to not forget about the Art & Wine walk, where I will be at the gallery from 1-5pm on Saturday, September 20th. Make sure you come around and say hi!

Lastly, here are a number of photos of the gallery, some taken by Therese Jacobson, coordinator of the gallery. You can see some more of the photos I haven’t yet shown, though, obviously, they look far different when in person! They are printed on metallic paper and pretty large to show off the detail.

Unseen Splendor Exhibition

Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo
Unseen Splendor exhibition photo

Bonus photo with my family
Family of Chris Lane

30 Aug

Big announcement – Solo Exhibition

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Sceptre from Within © Chris Lane Photo
Sceptre from Within

I have pretty big news that I’ve kept under wraps for quite a while now and I am ready to announce it. On September 5th, my solo exhibition titled “Unseen Splendor” will be opening at the River Walk Artists Gallery in East Grand Forks, ND. For directions, times, and phone number of the gallery, click here. The exhibition is a series of macro flower photographs. I have 18 photos on display for you to view and purchase for your own art collection. I’ll post a few for you in this post so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Morning Rain © Chris Lane Photo
Morning Rain

Artist’s Statement

Always seen as a natural form of beauty, flowers are typically viewed from a certain, comfortable distance. This series brings you into a secret, more intimate place, where you see minute details of flowers, as captured by macro photography. Also, most people only focus on a small subset of flowers in the world, skipping over everything not deemed desirable. These images, primarily of so-called weeds, are meant to show the inherent beauty of seemingly unnoticed things in the world. These images will be in a limited print run of 15 prints for each image.

Pained Beauty © Chris Lane Photo
Pained Beauty

I will also be on site for the Art & Wine walk on Saturday, September 20th from around noon until 5 or so. I hope to see you there or at least that you can make a visit to the gallery to see the large prints. The prints are 16 x 20 and 14 x 11, so they are pretty large. And they are on metallic paper, so they really look fantastic. Enjoy the show!

Softly Pure © Chris Lane Photo
Softly Pure

29 Aug

#SooC52 Week 27 – Heat

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Wow, well, this is only…about a month and a half behind schedule! This summer has been pretty crazy I guess. So, this theme, Heat, was chosen by Eje apparently. Of course, the first thing you think of in the middle of July, when this theme was chosen is the hot air temps of summer. Now it’s almost September and we’ve had a cool spell, barely hitting 70s. One day recently it was barely in the 60s, so it was feeling like fall had come early. I didn’t want to do something specific for the summer, though certain things like pool and heat mirages came to mind. What I really wanted to do was some kind of abstract from fire, either view deep into the red glowing coals, or maybe somehow direct the camera into flames without much of anything in the background. Unfortunately, since we’ve been pretty busy here at Lane Estates, we haven’t had a cook or camp fire in quite a while.

So what did I decide on instead? Now, bare with me, because this is a bit of a stretch. Currently we have a large basement foundation poured in our yard for addition to the house, but we don’t have a house on it yet. So, when it rains we tend to get a lot of frogs in there that we have to pick up off the floor and/or scoop out of the sump pump hole. There is usually a couple dozen frogs, minimum, down there. The kids absolutely love this activity, even though it gives my wife a migraine trying to make sure they are careful with the frogs and don’t accidentally squish them. She really likes frogs… but anyway, this last time it happened we also got three salamanders down there. We see salamanders from time to time, but not often, and it was the first time this year, so I thought, what a great opportunity to get some cool photos of them. And hey, salamanders were, in legends, depicted often with fire. So I thought, hey salamanders would be perfect for heat! I find legendary creatures pretty fascinating, but maybe you don’t, so I’ll just leave a link here to more information on that. Salamanders and the iffy link to heat.

Salamander, the legendary fire creature

Salamander © Chris Lane Photo
ISO800, f/6.3, 1/200, Canon 5D Mii, 50mm 1.8 lens with extension tube

What’s this, a double feature?!

Bonus photo!

Salamander close up © Chris Lane Photo
ISO800, f/8, 150, same lens but more extension (I think this was the full set, the other was just the big tube alone)

They are pretty odd creatures. My wife said their heads in these photos makes them look like snakes, and I think they do except with skin instead of scales. The second photo you can actually see their pores, which I thought was neat.

But wait, there’s more!

Whoa, now, I’m getting a little crazy here, what is this another bonus, BONUS photo??
So, since the salamander thing is a fairly weak link to heat, admittedly, I thought I’d add this one too. I was eating tacos one night and my wife’s grandfather brought over these mysterious skinny peppers. He didn’t remember planting them, but he has a pretty massive garden and isn’t a big fan of peppers but knows I like ’em hot. I’m still not sure what they are, but boy are they ever hot! I cut up half of one, spread it across my taco and it brought the heat to say the least!! And I like pretty hot food. So, I think this one actually fits the theme a little better. So, enjoy.

The Heat

Hot peppers © Chris Lane Photo
ISO1250, f/3.5, 1/30, Canon 5D Mii, and obviously my favorite lens and my new favorite tubes (can’t remember which ones were on)

So there, one week less that I need to catch up, but I have a ways to go. Keep up with Eje and Pete on their blogs too, they are doing good work on the project still:
You can see Eje’s work here.
You can see Pete’s work here.

25 Jun

#SooC52 Week 22 – Food

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This week’s theme was chosen by Eje. Though it’s odd because we know that short little rail thin bean stalk never actually eats food. Pretty sure he’s a breatharian.

Anyway, I’m going to try make this quick. I thought about doing a macro shot of some food, as most typically in food shots you see beautifully lit, natural window, side light, artfully arranged, instagram filters, or any other thing to make the food much more appetizing. I don’t necessarily want to take the opposite approach and make the food look gross, but I do want to focus (no pun intended) on the minute details of the food I eat that you don’t normally see. So, out came the 300mm macro.


Cereal macro © Chris Lane Photo
ISO1600, f/5.6, 1/50, 300mm, Canon 5D Mii

This image is fairly dark and has a little motion blur as I handheld (in the morning no less!), which I tell you, isn’t easy with a long lens at 1/50! My other shots were worse, believe me.

I do plan on following up with this idea more in depth. I am going to buy some extension macro tubes and try out a few different lenses to see what kind of results I get. I am likely to write up a blog post on that when I get the tubes. It should be an interesting experiment. Keep subscribed (hit the button on the left!) so you can find out more about that in the future.

I’d be interested in hearing any comments on this. Any particular food you’d like to see done on macro? Any suggestions of anything else? Sound off below.

Check out Pete’s work here, he’s the only other participating anymore. Hopefully the other guy’s will find time and get back to it!
You can see Pete’s work here.

14 Mar

#SooC52 Week 9 – Television

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I’m a little late on this post. Been crazy around the house lately, but I won’t bore you with details. This topic was chosen by Pete who did a pretty cool, and intensive photo for his post. You should definitely click here to see it. When I heard the topic I had something in mind almost straight away. A couple of the other guys had the idea of doing a person staring at the screen dazed out and my idea has something to do with that, but not precisely.

I love good stories, so I really enjoying watching good movies and drama television series. I don’t watch much TV though. Actually, it’s quite little as it seems lately I am always busy with something else. I do like video games as well. So I am definitely not against TV in general. But one thing I really despise is reality shows. I think they are the most pathetic form of entertainment available, at least 90+% of them. So that was kind of the start of my idea, that most broadcast shows seem to be reality shows. This is obviously because some people eat it up, but also because they are super cheap to produce. But there is just nothing there.

So the stereotype in my mind is not only is the viewer lazy for watching (called the boob tube and other nicknames for a reason), but I feel lazy a lot of times for watching, even if it’s only an hour, but the creators are lazy, the production is lazy, etc.


Drivel aka Reality TV © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 60D, 100mm macro lens, f/4, 1/80, ISO1600

The way I made this was to get a screen capture of a youtube video of the Keeping up with the Kardashians trailer. It was the most inane reality show I could think of. I then brought it into MS Paint(!) and made it fairly small. I then went to dafont.com and found a bold slightly broken down font and wrote LAZY. Copied that and brought it and layered it over the top of the screenshot. Got real close so I could see the pixels of the screen in the photo clearly and made lazy out of focus so it wasn’t obvious. My biggest challenge here was that I had to keep reducing the size of the image on the screen so I could get enough of the picture in the composition but still see the pixels. But I think this turned out almost exactly as I intended it.

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