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14 Aug

How I almost lost nearly 200 photos

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…and what I learned from it.

I recently went to do some location/event photography at the county fair for the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council I was there for a number of hours and took a slew of photos (around 162 give or take) and promptly backed them up to my desktop when I got home. The following weekend I was going on another trip for the NWMNAC for photography so I dumped all my cards, just in case I had forgotten previously. Since there were many gigabytes of data, it took a considerable amount of time to move. So, not wanting to waste time just sitting in front of a screen waiting, I left it to go and went to do something else.

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07 Dec

Digital Camera Buying Guide – part 4

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Here is the final post on my whitepaper on how to buy a digital camera. You can download the entire compiled whitepaper here. If you have any further questions, post it in the comments below or send me a message.

Part 1 covers:

Point-and-shoot or DSLR? (the basics)
Response Time and Speed

Part 2 covers:

The Sensor & Processor
Manual Options

Part 3 covers:

Size, Shape and Weight

Part 4 (this post) covers:

Memory Cards
Other Options


I tend to ignore the flash that is prebuilt into the camera. All P&S cameras have a built in flash. Not all flash is good though. Most P&S cameras have a fixed flash. In other words, it is close to the lens and points forward and unchangeable. The problem with straight on flash like that is that it is terrible for
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