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02 Mar

Dreaming of summer

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Lately I have been dreaming a lot of summer to come. I have been looking at new tents, thinking about shooting some green landscape photographs, possibly do some exploring, etc. But right now all I can do is edit some of my backlog of photos of summer. This Friday photo is a soft pine needle laden trail in the heart of Itasca State Park here in northern Minnesota. This is actually the park that I was married in, though not in this particular location. It was a lovely park and the beginning of the great Mississippi river. If you get a chance, definitely make a visit, it is well worth it.
Hopefully this photo helps you with your wait for summer just a bit longer as well. I made this photo available as a 1900px wide wallpaper image for your desktop, if you so desire, just click on the name and it will load up.

Quiet Path

Quiet Path © Chris Lane Photo

30 Sep

Free Natural Seamless Texture Pack 2!

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Here is another set of totally free textures for you to use at your whim. They are completely seamless, so you can loop them as many times as you want and not be able to see a seam whatsoever. Of course, the more they are looped, you will notice some repetition, but I do remove any big blatant indicators of it.

I do appreciate if you mention where you obtained them if you do use them. And let me know if you do and share what you made using it. On to the goodness!

Right click and hit save as to download.
Download the whole texture pack here in a handy dandy zip file. (43MB)


Full size image here. (2848px x 2428px – 5.83MB)
Seen here repeated four times:
Cement seamless texture

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