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05 Apr

Into the Milky Way

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To the exact opposite end of the intense fog that I posted earlier this week, I have an example of the extreme clear skies from around where I live. I admittedly live in the northern Minnesota boonies. The closest town is only a few hundred, with 30 miles away is a town less than 10,000. I have to drive an hour to get to a city over 10k. This is very nice in some regards, but not in others.
One of the obvious benefits is the amazing skies we get. The landscape is very flat as well, so you can see for miles. Here I took a photo of the night sky when we had a site of the aurora borealis to the north. The photo below is more south westerly. The shot was taken at ISO 1250, f/3.5, at 30 seconds. This is a upward panorama of three shots. You can see that my camera added quite a bit of noise because of the high ISO and time, but I think it turned out fairly nice anyway.

Into The Milky Way

Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

Or a larger version:
Into the milky way © Chris Lane Photo

02 Apr

Into the fog

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I have posted a few times how much I love the fog, especially in photographs. It lends itself to some mystery and wipes away all the visual noise. A short time ago it was ridiculously foggy out and I got some pretty nice shots, I think.
All photos are available as fine art prints, by clicking here for the order form.

Buildings in Heavy Fog

Heavy Fog © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Rows

Fog Rows © Chris Lane Photo


Ghosts © Chris Lane Photo

Lost in the tree

Lost in the tree © Chris Lane Photo

Sinking Away

Sinking Away © Chris Lane Photo

Lost Fence

Lost Fence © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Sunrise over Spruce

Fog Sunrise over Spruce © Chris Lane Photo

Do you have a favorite? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

30 Dec

Fire nightscape

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This week I have a very wide panorama photo of a nightscape with a line of fire. This is an old one that I just now got around to putting together. I was burning some grass on my property a couple years ago and of course I thought I should take a photograph of it. This panorama is made up of 12 photos that I had to splice together manually in Photoshop, as the photoshop function wasn’t working for whatever reason. This doesn’t show up that great in blog size, so click on the name below to get it in a free wallpaper format of 2500 pixels wide.

Fire in the night

Fire Nightscape © Chris Lane Photo

13 Jul

Super Panoramic photos

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This week I have on display a couple super panoramic photographs that I recently finished. These are both available as fine art prints. (available with the 11% off discount until the end of July 2010)

The Photos:

River Pan
This shot is a combined 10 photos and at full print size is over 5.5 feet wide.
Click here or the picture to see a larger size.
River Pan © Chris Lane Photo

Cloud Panorama
This shot is a combined 16 photos and at full print size is over 13.5 feet wide.
Click here or the picture to see a larger size.
Cloud Panorama © Chris Lane Photo

The Method

The way I take these is through multiple exposures as I swing my camera (on a tripod) to the side. I don’t just sweep
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