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19 Mar

This is the biggest collaborative project yet.

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You may have seen my previous collaboration project with 8 others via twitter but this time I decided to go bigger. I also completely changed the format of how we went about the effort. Previously, I gave each person the same set of raw files and told them to do whatever they felt like doing with them. This time, I started with one finalized image, handed it off to the next person to do whatever they wanted, and then their file would go on to the next, and the next and so on until everyone was finished. The only image each person saw was the one handed to them, so everyone is completely in the dark at this point. Well, today will be the big unveiling.
The rules were simple, anything was allowed, except they had to leave one part of the image intact, or at least recognizable, and add or change at least one thing. The beginning image was one I recently showed for a local art collective program I was a part of, called The Traveler. Below I will post the size that my blog will allow with the name of the manipulator beneath, then at the bottom of this post I will put them all together in a more concise manner.

Collab 2 Img 0

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08 Jan

Another disturbing defacement

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This time around I am defacing my son, Tristan. He is 5 years old and loved doing this photoshoot. I told him to make as many weird and silly faces as he could think of. I only had him do a few things since he had so many ideas himself. This is the third defacement in the series. You can see the first one I did of myself here, it also shows more on how I did it. The second defacement I did of my mom.

I think this one turned out particularly disturbing, but I think it’s mostly the one wide eye. I laughed a lot while I was working on this; it is a lot of fun. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Tristan Defaced

Tristan defaced © Chris Lane Photo

26 Dec

Recreation of history

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My wife recently wanted to do a project for her grandmother as a Christmas project. It involved recreating an image of her great grandmother, Georgia, on her wedding day. My wife, Melissa, already owned the wedding dress but she had to do some work to actually look like Georgia. The wedding was in 1930, so this is now 82 years later.

My wife has very long straight hair and Georgia had rather short hair with a wave to it. Georgia also wore a pearl necklace, which we did not have. Melissa did up her hair as best she could and we made a necklace out of a string of Kix cereal pieces. In real life, the necklace certainly didn’t look like pearls with their uneven shape and the color was way off, but I knew I was going to convert to black and white and I could fix some of the roundness later. It should work great at least as a place holder.

So, keeping an eye to the shadows in the original photo I set Melissa in the same kind of lighting. At first I wasn’t getting the shine on the waves of the hair quite the same, so I set up another light for highlights. I positioned Melissa as close to the same position and she tried to do the same sort of non-smile as Georgia.

As Georgia by Chris Lane (chrislanephoto)) on 500px.com
As Georgia by Chris Lane

After the photo was taken, I converted it to Black and white with a black and white adjustment layer in Photoshop. I like this form of conversion because, instead of converting to grayscale, I can manually adjust the dark/brightness of the different colors on their own. After that I did some minor dodging and burning, adjusted the contrast with a curves adjustment layer, and finally put a layer with noise over the top to give it an older look.

I asked Melissa if she wanted me to Photoshop her appearance to look more like Georgia, particularly her neck is longer, but we decided to just leave it be. I think it has more meaning that she is herself and comes from Georgia, rather than just making her look like Georgia.

Overall, I think the recreation was a good success. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

27 Nov

A fairy’s light source – a critique for @PeteGlogiewicz

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Pete (on twitter here) recently sent me a photo for critique in a project style that he has never done before. Here is the photo:

Pete's original photo

Issues in the metadata

Here is the metadata from the image: 255Kb (in the original that he posted on his website), shot on a Canon 400D/XTi with an EF28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 USM lens. It was shot at ISO 200, f/11 and 1/80th of a second. The focal length was 28mm.

In the metadata I can see a couple things generally wrong with this. First, the size of his file. This is minor, but I know for an image that is only 900px wide, he should be able to compress that file down a lot more without any issues. If he is using Photoshop, he should be using the Save for Web function instead of the Save As function. The file sizes will be dramatically smaller. This isn’t an issue with the photo itself of course, but in the scheme of things it is important. If he wants his website found, Google does use page load speed as one of it’s parameters for search results.

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30 Oct

Dramatic skies over pastoral scenes

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A note, these images look like digitally post-processed HDR, and though they are definitely digital, I only used methods that I could easily replicate in the traditional darkroom for the exposure. I primarily used the same digital negative at developed at different exposures and laid them over top of each other, showing only the part that I want. I used further burning and dodging techniques. I did do some extra color correction in Photoshop, though surprisingly little. All of these photos are quite dramatic, but these are the kinds of moments that are far in between and I always run to grab my camera to hope to capture it faithfully. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and if you are interested in a print of any of these, head over to my print order page.

Storm over barn

This photo also available as a free 1920×1200 wallpaper here.
Storm over barn © Chris Lane Photo

Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset © Chris Lane Photo

Harsh Clouds over Gravel

Harsh Clouds over Gravel © Chris Lane Photo
(yes this sky really was this dramatic in the morning)

Extreme Sunset

Extreme Sunset © Chris Lane Photo