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30 Aug

Big announcement – Solo Exhibition

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Sceptre from Within © Chris Lane Photo
Sceptre from Within

I have pretty big news that I’ve kept under wraps for quite a while now and I am ready to announce it. On September 5th, my solo exhibition titled “Unseen Splendor” will be opening at the River Walk Artists Gallery in East Grand Forks, ND. For directions, times, and phone number of the gallery, click here. The exhibition is a series of macro flower photographs. I have 18 photos on display for you to view and purchase for your own art collection. I’ll post a few for you in this post so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Morning Rain © Chris Lane Photo
Morning Rain

Artist’s Statement

Always seen as a natural form of beauty, flowers are typically viewed from a certain, comfortable distance. This series brings you into a secret, more intimate place, where you see minute details of flowers, as captured by macro photography. Also, most people only focus on a small subset of flowers in the world, skipping over everything not deemed desirable. These images, primarily of so-called weeds, are meant to show the inherent beauty of seemingly unnoticed things in the world. These images will be in a limited print run of 15 prints for each image.

Pained Beauty © Chris Lane Photo
Pained Beauty

I will also be on site for the Art & Wine walk on Saturday, September 20th from around noon until 5 or so. I hope to see you there or at least that you can make a visit to the gallery to see the large prints. The prints are 16 x 20 and 14 x 11, so they are pretty large. And they are on metallic paper, so they really look fantastic. Enjoy the show!

Softly Pure © Chris Lane Photo
Softly Pure

28 Jun

My 2nd Anniversary! + Giveaway

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Coming on the end of June here, it will be the second year I have had my website and blog up and running. I will share some stats, a few favorite posts, and also a print giveaway!

How many people see my site?

As for the stats, I am very happy to announce that my traffic has dramatically increased. In the image below, you can see the blue line of current visits (with the numbers of monthly visitors) in comparison to the green line with the visits of last year. I am now nearing about 2000 visits to the site every month. June as listed below is slightly low, but there are 3 days yet unaccounted for here.

Before and After stats

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29 Jun

I made it a year!

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Well, I guess I can say I made it. It’s been one full year since the first post on my blog. In celebration of this accomplishment, I am having a photo giveaway. More about it at the end of the post.

So what have I accomplished through this blog? It hasn’t gone too far yet, but over a year I have had 60 posts with a total of 129 comments. The site as a whole has had 2,453 visits from 2,102 unique visitors across a slew of countries.
Stats from Google analytics

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