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13 Apr

Idea Bulb

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Here is a photo idea I had that didn’t quite pull through. I’d like to know what you, my dear readers, think (add your comments at the bottom). I’ll write my thoughts below.

Light Bulb Self Portrait © Chris Lane Photo

The Idea

My original idea was to combine at least two or more of my skills together into one shot, to show a little more of what or who I am.
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06 Apr

Critique – Elizabeth M.

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I have learned through both college and work experience that one of the best ways to learn anything is through critiques of your work and other’s work. That is why, in the spirit of teaching through this blog, I am happy to critique the work of submissions from readers. If you would like a professional critique from me and learn how to better your artwork, be it photo, design, painting, et al, just read these submission guidelines and submit an image through my critique contact form. You can also email your submission to photocrit [at] chrislanephoto.com.

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a critique on the blog, so it’s about time I got back to it. This time I have a photo submissions from Elizabeth M.

Chris Lane Photo critique - Elizabeth M. Before

I’ll be critiquing this photo of an orangutan in a zoo. First, the metadata.
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