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21 Dec

3D Robot progress

Chris Lane / 3D Modeling / / 0 Comments

It was a while ago that I asked for recommendations on which 3D robot to make. Well, I finally got a chance to work on it for some time. I decided to go with something relatively simple for now, but when it is done it shouldn’t look simple. The one I decided to work on I call the sweeper bot and is relatively small and moves something like an inchworm. Here is what it looked like in my original sketch:

Original sketch of the sweeper bot

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21 Oct

I need your help

Chris Lane / 3D Modeling / / 8 Comments

See, I want to work on some more personal 3D projects, but the main problem is, I need an idea. Well, I like to doodle in my sketchbook and one day I decided I would draw out a page full of various robots. Then, I thought, why not make one or more into 3D and animate them. Now what I want to know is, which do you think I should make 3D? So, take a look at this sketch of robots and let me know what you think in the comments. When there are some votes, I’ll decide on the winner and make some progress posts of the 3D project as I work.
Click on the image for a larger view:
Robot sketches © Chris Lane Photo