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20 Oct

#SooC52 Week 31 – Screen

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Here is another straight out of camera post! This one was for screen, which could be taken a few different ways. Eje actually did more or less what I had originally intended on doing, shooting through a window/door screen. Pete went with the screen of his computer. So, I had to come up with something else. My first attempt was this one, using the screen [guard] of a fan. I tried to shoot it in such a way as to get some motion blur on the blades, but not so much that it was just one big blur. Overall though, the subject matter and the photo itself are rather bland.

Fan screen © Chris Lane Photo

So, since I didn’t overly care for that image much, I wanted to come up with an alternate in it’s place. One day I found this large wooden doll house being thrown away and I knew my wife would like it, so I took it. It’s actually in quite good shape, and I thought I would do something like Pete did way long ago and used a false perspective to make it look like it is something it is not. Since the topic is screen, I showed one of the windows and I took the house outside to make it look like it was in a natural setting (instead of just a wall in the background). I think this one actually turned out quite nice.

House screen © Chris Lane Photo

Thoughts? Comments? Let’s hear them!

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23 Nov

Digital Camera buying guide – part 2

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Here is part two of my camera buying guide, in time for the holidays. Look for part three and four in the next couple weeks. Hit the links below to go to either part 1 or individual categories. You should definitely subscribe (hit the button in the left hand sidebar) so that you won’t miss any of the installments.

Part 1 covers:

Point-and-shoot or DSLR? (the basics)
Response Time and Speed

Part 2 (this post) covers:

The Sensor & Processor
Manual Options

Part 3 covers:

Size, Shape and Weight

Part 4 covers:

Memory Cards
Other Options


Resolution is typically the biggest selling point for cameras in any category. Just because a camera has a higher resolution, doesn’t mean the camera is better, though. One thing to take into account is what you plan on doing with your pictures after you take them.
A higher resolution can print to a larger size,
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