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18 May

New Refine Edge tutorial for Photoshop

Chris Lane / Training, Tutorial, vidcast / / 3 Comments

Refine Edge buttonThe newest tutorial on the Refine Edge function for Photoshop CS3 is now available.

The refine edge function is the best way to get the best selection you want. Use it especially in conjunction with the magic wand and quick selection tools.

If you missed it, don’t forget to watch the other tutorials available here.

I went with a bit wider of a video format this time so that I didn’t have any wasted space when I post it on YouTube. Not sure if this is a great way to go, since the videos are hosted on here, but I didn’t want to make two different versions either. Let me know what you think. Are they too short, or do you prefer the widescreen format? If I happened to miss anything, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the link to the left for any updates, new tutorials, and more.

24 Sep

Video tutorial update

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Just a quick note to mention that I have replaced the Marquee tutorial video. I am guessing you weren’t happy with the video quality on that one, because I certainly wasn’t. I am getting the capture/render process down pretty good now, though. I was able to not only get superb quality, but I also cut the file size in half! So, if you missed or skipped that one. You can see the tutorial here.

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