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02 Mar

#SooC52 Week 8 – Love

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I am rather late this week with my #SooC52 post again, as it was a fairly difficult topic. Chosen by Eje this time, topic is ‘love.’ You wouldn’t think this would be a difficult subject to shoot, especially considering I have a wonderful wife and four awesome kids. I didn’t necessarily just want to go with some generic looking shot either though. Unfortunately, I never did think of anything too spectacular. Eje actually was the one that gave me the idea that I ended up going with. It’s a quite simple shot, of my eldest son (6 years old) holding and squeezing his two most loved stuffed animals, a pair of Eeyores. He definitely loves those things and they usually end up all over the house. I wanted to at least make it an interesting looking photo, so I lit it dramatically with a strobe almost straight to the side of him. That was being held by my other son. The problem was that I felt pretty rushed, not only was it the last day of the week to post and I hadn’t gotten it done yet, it was also bedtime for the kids and the two little girls were crying for whatever reason. So I think I kind of botched this one as far as a SooC shot, so I also am posting a processed version. That one is more like what I had in my head. It’s a tight shot, which I intended, but I should have had more ambient light, or a bounce on the opposite side of the flash to get a little fill on the other side. I decided to cross process it with the colors and obviously boosted the exposure. I added noise too, just to give it a more film look, since I was cross-processing anyway, and that obviously comes from film processing days. Hope you enjoy what I came up with.

T with E

T with Eeyore © Chris Lane Photo

And the process version:
T with Eeyore processed version © Chris Lane Photo

And the rest of the crew:
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07 Jan

New #SooC52 project

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Recently suggested to me by a good friend on Twitter was that we should start up a new 52 project, where we come up with a theme each week and create an image from that in whatever way we like. The restrictions were pretty limited. Just do whatever you can think of based around the chosen theme and it had to be a photo straight out of the camera (SooC). So, absolutely no retouching to be done. This can be challenging to some degree, but it also makes you progress as a photographer and makes you learn new processes. I’ve always been one not to look down on photoshop as I often imitate some of the things I did in the darkroom. Obviously, for some photos I went beyond those and created something not possible in reality, but it’s just a tool to create art, in my opinion. There are definitely bad photoshop techniques, but to each their own I guess. Anyway, the main reason we went SooC was because it would take less time. We were allowed, if we want, to post a second alternate photo that we retouched, but the main one for the post had to be photoshop free.

The first theme, chosen by Eje was utensils. My immediate thought was oversized utensils. I was originally going to shoot this with myself as the subject in much the same manner, but what better way to make them look even more oversized than to use my three year old son, Damien. Now, in the photo below, a fork doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for eating cereal, but I wanted it in there anyway.

Dig in

Utensils © Chris Lane Photo

To shoot this, I am using ISO 320, 1/100 shutter at f/5.0. I have a strobe camera right shooting through an umbrella and a second to the left. I don’t recall the flash settings, I think the one on the left is at 1/1 power and the other is at 1/32, but I may be mistaken.

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18 Oct

Family Photos 2011 – Andersons

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For three years running now, I have been the family photographer for the Anderson family. I enjoy it every year and love watching their family grow up. Becky is my wife’s sister so we are all very close. This year she wanted to try something a little more old fashioned with all black and white photographs. I was definitely up for that as I originally trained with black and white film. I like looking for the contrasts as opposed to color (though I do love color also!) and bringing on new challenges. Here are a few of the photos from that family photo session. If you are looking for a family photographer, take a look at my rates page and send me a message. You can also email me at: chris [at] chrislanephoto.com Most family photo sessions can be finished in half an hour, but I am definitely willing to go longer if you would like more.

Enjoy the photos from this family session:
Anderson family photo © Chris Lane Photo

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09 Aug

At the typewriter

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I recently picked up an antique LC Smith typewriter. I have wanted one for a very long time and just recently came across this one at a decent price. What I didn’t really expect was the immense fascination my son had for it. He has been playing with it constantly since I got it. The thing actually works pretty well, so he can type out some letters on paper. One morning while we were getting ready for church, he was dressed up and playing with it and I thought he looked like a little writer straight out of that time. So I had to photograph him while he was so focused. I decided to process it in Black and White to keep with the era.
In other news, I should be getting back to a more consistent blogging schedule very soon. Just need to finish up a couple more projects. Thanks for being patient!

At the typewriter

At the typewriter © Chris Lane Photo

03 Jun

The Eyes

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I missed last week’s Friday photo post. I will try not to make that mistake again. So here is today’s, number 13 (or so, I guess I’m bad at keeping track).
This is a shot of my son from last summer. He was about 4 months old or so at the time. Did you know I do infant portraits? I have a few in my portfolio over here. Which reminds me, I am still working on my site restructure, it is just going terribly slowly. That is how it typically goes, unfortunately. I have been busy working on other stuff and trying to keep up with this at the same time.

This photo is shot at 1/125 at ISO800 and f/5.6 in ambient light. The focal length is 300mm on a 70-300mm lens.

The Eyes of the son

The Eyes of the son © Chris Lane Photo