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09 Apr

#SooC52 Week 14 – Mirror

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This week’s SooC shot subject was chosen by David. I had a pretty good idea on this, though it would have taken some convincing of the wife to pose for it. But then after supper one evening I sat down in a chair in the living room, looked down and saw this guy looking back at me. I thought this shot was funny enough that I thought I would just use this instead. Enjoy!

Lookin’ at you

Mirror © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 5D Mii, available light, 50mm, f/5.6, 1/25, ISO2000.

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04 Sep

Super mega collab – story edition!

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Here is a project that has been in the works for some time now. Another collaboration with fellow photographers via twitter. You can see collab 1 and collab 2 as well. With the first, everyone was given the same photo to edit in whatever means they saw fit. We got some pretty interesting results out of one photo. The second collab was started with a photo and like the game telephone, aka Chinese whispers, the image was changed by a person next in line until a very different result ended the entire thing.

This time around, I started with a photo that I thought could be taken in multiple ways as a story starting point. Then the photo was sent to two different people to continue the story how they saw fit. That was each given to someone else, with an occasional branching point along the line. This will make more sense in a bit. Each person had to create a new photo illustrating a point in a story. The only photos each person saw were the ones that came before them in their particular branch.

The collaboration effect gets pretty interesting when so many people from all over the world get a chance to do their own thing. First up, I’ll show the entire tree with thumbnails on how the process went. After that I will illustrate each story from beginning to end in larger images.

Collab 3, full story

Story 1:

I started the project with this image:
The Beginning

Next up was Reem. @Reemistry

Next was Eje Gustafsson. @Eje_G

Finally in this branch was Angela Butler. @AngelaMaryBee

Story 2:

I’ll repeat the ones above as thumbnails:
The Beginning

And finally in this story branch was Bryan Dockett. @Dockettphoto

Story 3:

The Beginning

This branch, after mine was from Pete Glogiewicz. @PeteGlogiewicz

Next up was from Loc Lam. @yaadayaada

Finally in this story was Gary D. Chapman. @garydchapman

Story 4:

The Beginning

And finishing up the fourth storyline was Chris Nitz. @Chris_Nitz

So there you have it. Another collaboration project amongst a great group of photographers with a wide variety of ideas and stories of their own. I am very pleased with how this project turned out and it was a lot of fun to put together. Subscribe and stick around for the next collaboration, which will be quite different from this.

Also, feel free to interpret the stories in your own way, I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments below!