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25 May

#SooC52 Week 20 – City

Chris Lane / photography / / 2 Comments

Holy smokes, almost 20 weeks in already! Before we know it we’ll be at the halfway mark! This week’s theme was chosen by David. I thought it was interesting theme and had a lot of possibilities for everyone involved, except for the fact that I live well outside of a town of mearly 368 people. I don’t think that can even be considered a “town” but probably more likely a village. Thinking back to when I used to play SimCity, it was classed a town when it hit 2,000 residents. I don’t know if that’s anything like official matters, but it’s always been my unofficial requirements. City would then be a population of 10,000+. So, I’m WAY off! And even then, I live out in the countryside. So, thinking of options for this, I thought, well, can I make the areas tallest building [in a neighboring town], which is an elderly apartment building that is maybe six stories high, appear to be a skyscraper? Maybe I just do the population town sign as you come into my local village? Nothing really excited me.

Then when I got home and the legos were strewn about the living room floor, I thought, how about a lego city? I thought that might be interesting. I decided I’d do that and try capture a silhouette city skyline, out of legos. Of course, my kids thought it was pretty great too, anytime that I sit down on the floor and build with them. Now that I am finished with this photo, my son doesn’t want to destroy my little city because he likes it so much. The setup for the photo was quite simple. I elevated the platform with the city in front of a window and made sure to expose correct for the situation. I did have a flash set behind it, but I don’t know if it did much.

City Skyline

City Skyline © Chris Lane Photo
Canon 5D Mark II, 228mm, f/10, ISO100, 1/60

Tell me if when you look at this if you can see any of the color of the lego blocks. I have one monitor that you can only see a bit of color in one of the foreground skyscrapers, but most of the rest is quite dark, if not fully black. But when I move it to my secondary (cheaper) monitor, the brightness must be set higher because I can see a lot more colored blocks in the image. So it would be interesting to know how it looks to you. Of course, I prefer the darker image, since it’s supposed to be more or less a silhouette.

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02 Mar

#SooC52 Week 8 – Love

Chris Lane / photography / / 4 Comments

I am rather late this week with my #SooC52 post again, as it was a fairly difficult topic. Chosen by Eje this time, topic is ‘love.’ You wouldn’t think this would be a difficult subject to shoot, especially considering I have a wonderful wife and four awesome kids. I didn’t necessarily just want to go with some generic looking shot either though. Unfortunately, I never did think of anything too spectacular. Eje actually was the one that gave me the idea that I ended up going with. It’s a quite simple shot, of my eldest son (6 years old) holding and squeezing his two most loved stuffed animals, a pair of Eeyores. He definitely loves those things and they usually end up all over the house. I wanted to at least make it an interesting looking photo, so I lit it dramatically with a strobe almost straight to the side of him. That was being held by my other son. The problem was that I felt pretty rushed, not only was it the last day of the week to post and I hadn’t gotten it done yet, it was also bedtime for the kids and the two little girls were crying for whatever reason. So I think I kind of botched this one as far as a SooC shot, so I also am posting a processed version. That one is more like what I had in my head. It’s a tight shot, which I intended, but I should have had more ambient light, or a bounce on the opposite side of the flash to get a little fill on the other side. I decided to cross process it with the colors and obviously boosted the exposure. I added noise too, just to give it a more film look, since I was cross-processing anyway, and that obviously comes from film processing days. Hope you enjoy what I came up with.

T with E

T with Eeyore © Chris Lane Photo

And the process version:
T with Eeyore processed version © Chris Lane Photo

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