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02 Apr

Into the fog

Chris Lane / photography / / 2 Comments

I have posted a few times how much I love the fog, especially in photographs. It lends itself to some mystery and wipes away all the visual noise. A short time ago it was ridiculously foggy out and I got some pretty nice shots, I think.
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Buildings in Heavy Fog

Heavy Fog © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Rows

Fog Rows © Chris Lane Photo


Ghosts © Chris Lane Photo

Lost in the tree

Lost in the tree © Chris Lane Photo

Sinking Away

Sinking Away © Chris Lane Photo

Lost Fence

Lost Fence © Chris Lane Photo

Fog Sunrise over Spruce

Fog Sunrise over Spruce © Chris Lane Photo

Do you have a favorite? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

09 Mar

Foggy field in the fall

Chris Lane / photography / / 0 Comments

Today’s Friday photo is from a morning on the way to work last fall. It was particularly foggy yet sunny at the same time, which makes a lovely combination. By the time I took this photo, the fog was starting to only be left in the low areas and under and around trees. It looks like clouds laying on the ground.
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Foggy field

Foggy Field © Chris Lane Photo

02 Nov

In the Home of the Sky

Chris Lane / photography / / 0 Comments

In the Home of the Sky © Chris Lane Photo

Just a quick post this week featuring a new fine art photograph. I titled this In the Home of the Sky due to the huge multitude of black birds roosting in this large oak tree. With the leaves gone, the top of the tree no longer seems entirely its own entity, but also a part of the sky. The birds find this their home, such a handy place to be able to go in and out of quickly. When I went up to them they were quite comfortable and not willing to leave, not that they should. They were in this tree in this field ready to scrounge the ground for any scraps of the years harvest left to remain.
This was taken late in the day into the sun to give the birds and the tree the most contrast and impact possible. The sky was somewhat dramatic, adding to the feel of the dead tree.

I hope you enjoyed this photograph. It is available for purchase as a fine art print. Just use the print order form here. I’d also love to hear any comments from you.