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21 Oct

What the heck is a typewriter?

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The subject of today’s photo (#25 for those counting) is exactly that. I have actually shown a typewriter in my photos before. I love typewriters, so obviously the blog title was rhetorical. That one was much older than this new photo. This one is actually from when typewriters were on their way out. It is kind of a typewriter, computer hybrid. Though, when I say computer, it is ridiculously primitive to today’s standards. This IBM Selectric II was introduced in 1971 according to Wikipedia. This particular model was found in the Wilson Bros building, as I have mentioned here, here, and here. Since this is an old typewriter, I wanted the photo to look as if it came from that era. So I did some color adjustments in Camera RAW and some contrast increase and came up with this. I don’t generally do semi-abstract photography, so this was a change of pace from my norm. Which is good, it can keep the creative juices flowing. What do you think? Did I capture the era correctly? I am not as old as 1971, but I have seen plenty of photos of that era and this is how I usually picture them. I think the one mistake I made is most of those old photos aren’t nearly this sharp. But I really despise blurry photos, unless I guess it is intentional. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

IBM Selectric II

IBM Selectric II © Chris Lane Photo

09 Aug

At the typewriter

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I recently picked up an antique LC Smith typewriter. I have wanted one for a very long time and just recently came across this one at a decent price. What I didn’t really expect was the immense fascination my son had for it. He has been playing with it constantly since I got it. The thing actually works pretty well, so he can type out some letters on paper. One morning while we were getting ready for church, he was dressed up and playing with it and I thought he looked like a little writer straight out of that time. So I had to photograph him while he was so focused. I decided to process it in Black and White to keep with the era.
In other news, I should be getting back to a more consistent blogging schedule very soon. Just need to finish up a couple more projects. Thanks for being patient!

At the typewriter

At the typewriter © Chris Lane Photo