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15 Jan

Zombie posters

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Last year I started a tradition with these zombie party illustrated posters for a small group of friends of mine. Every quarter I host a party for my friends where we watch really bad zombie movies and play zombie video games and play zombie board games. It is really just an excuse to get a group of guys together and have some fun for an evening. In 2011 I illustrated the posters. In 2012, I wanted to change the style to something else. So I decided to make them fully typographical with a little extra to make it as if the posters were hanging around in a zombie apocalypse. I was inspired by a couple things. One inspiration was the safe areas in the game Left 4 Dead and the sequel aptly named, Left 4 Dead 2. And the design style was based on a series of ads from a stock photo company. I can’t recall the company anymore and I couldn’t find the ads online, unfortunately, but so it goes.

So, before the event I just email these out and then when people show up they get a free print on 12×18 matte heavy weight paper. I get these printed at my local print shop, Quick Print. They always turn out fantastic and I really like working with them.

Zombie Night 5

Zombie Night 5 poster © Chris Lane Photo

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16 Sep

Two new name illustrations

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A few months back I held a contest to win a custom name illustration to one lucky subscriber and showed an example of such. Tanner L was the winner and a while ago I finished his illustration, and thought I should share it here also. It works as a great example that the illustration can have any kind of names, not just family. Tanner chose four directors, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorcese, whose work has influenced him and his own work. I am rather happy with the result and Tanner was very much so as well. He left the color choice to me and I thought it was fitting to put this one as various shades of red on a black background as it fit with Tanner’s personality as well as the darker nature of the work of the directors.

Tanner's name illustration © Chris Lane Photo

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08 Sep

Why are you seeing this wrong?

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– or a comparison of New Baskerville and Times New Roman

Font comparison header

The majority of you, right now, are seeing this wrong. The reason? You probably don’t have the New Baskerville font installed on your computer. That is what I designed this website (and all of my branded materials) with, unfortunately you are probably seeing the inferior Times New Roman. The poor circumstance is a result of the majority of the web is still only able to see a handful of typefaces. The major reason is that unless you are a designer, you probably don’t have any fonts installed beyond what came with your computer. For those that do have extended fonts installed, designers can put a font hierarchy (@font_face) into their CSS code. This basically means that if you have any of the fonts installed that are in the list, it will show the highest listed font you have in your browser. So if you have ITC New Baskerville Std installed, it will show that as the best possible choice. If you don’t have that it will go through the list until it gets to one you have, for most it will be Times or Times New Roman. There are other ways to get around this by embedding javascript and other things that may or may not break the licensing of the font, but this isn’t actually what this post is supposed to be about.

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04 May

Win a custom illustration!

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Here is a new illustration project that I recently did for my own family. I am giving the chance to win a similar customized illustration to one lucky reader. See the bottom of this post for details.

Family Name Illustration © Chris Lane Photo

This idea came to me out of my love of typography and particularly illustrated style. It started from sketching the name of my son before he was born. I think we were still in the process of deciding on a name, just playing around passing time. I had come up with something that I liked and thought,
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