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09 Aug

At the typewriter

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I recently picked up an antique LC Smith typewriter. I have wanted one for a very long time and just recently came across this one at a decent price. What I didn’t really expect was the immense fascination my son had for it. He has been playing with it constantly since I got it. The thing actually works pretty well, so he can type out some letters on paper. One morning while we were getting ready for church, he was dressed up and playing with it and I thought he looked like a little writer straight out of that time. So I had to photograph him while he was so focused. I decided to process it in Black and White to keep with the era.
In other news, I should be getting back to a more consistent blogging schedule very soon. Just need to finish up a couple more projects. Thanks for being patient!

At the typewriter

At the typewriter © Chris Lane Photo

28 Dec

Cameras for Christmas!

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Zeiss Nettar 515 header
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. I was very pleasantly surprised at the gifts that I received from my wonderful wife, Melissa. She knows that I love old things, antiques and the like, and cameras in particular. So for Christmas she got me not one, but three antique cameras. Two of the cameras are still film cameras and one is a movie film camera. I did a little research on them and took some photos to share below. And you can believe I will definitely attempt to take some photos using the cameras in the future, as well.

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