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21 Jan

#SooC52 Week 3 photo – Lighting

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We are already into week three of this Straight out of camera 52 week, 52 photos challenge! This week’s topic was chosen by Bruce – “Lighting” He said we can interpret it in any way we choose. Well, how about that for incredibly wide open!

I thought about all kinds of different things. From stacks of lamps, to a symmetrical abstract photo of the lights on a gas (that’s petrol for Pete) station canopy, to a number of other things. What I ended up deciding to shoot was slightly inspired by a photo series that I saw on 500px, of light painting where the light goes around someone in all 360 degrees. that isn’t quite what I did, as the figure in those photos were all still. I wanted to do something with movement to it. With this I thought something that looked like multiple exposures would be interesting. I didn’t want it to be just a typical multi-exposure shot like you might see in sports, where it shows a clear progression from point A to point B. I wanted it to be a little weird, a little creepy.

So what I did, with some help from a friend of mine, shot this on bulb mode, using my speedlight to flash from 4 different angles, while keeping my head in as perfect still space as I could. The first flash from next to camera just had my staring into the camera. The next one from a few degrees to the side and so on, I used chocolate syrup and smeared it down my face. I did a number of test shots to make sure it worked, but I wasn’t entirely sure how the syrup would reflect the light. It turned out pretty interesting, in my opinion. It is definitely a little weird and a little creepy. I think this is probably fairly inspired by David Lynch, as I’ve been watching Twin Peaks and thinking of some of his other work lately.

If I were to edit this, I would probably crop it in some. Maybe some other minor changes, but otherwise I think this turned out pretty close to how I imagined. I did have an idea to shoot the initial staring shot with a red gel on the light and the subsequent shots with a green gel, but I never did. I think that contrasting color would add to the creepy effect.

It’s all melting

It's All Melting © Chris Lane Photo
ISO50, 21 seconds (B), f/9.0. Four or five pops of a YN560III at 1/128.

Just for fun, here is a straight shot to show the chocolate all over my face. It didn’t make quite as much of a mess as I expected, though I made sure to have towels on the floor. Also, I learned the Hershey’s syrup smells weird.
chocolate © Chris Lane Photo

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