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28 Dec

A Cold Night’s Moon

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A full moon tonight and some pretty dramatic cloud coverage. Shortly after I took this shot the clouds pretty well covered the moon entirely. This is shot at ISO 1250, f/5.6, 1.3 seconds. Very little post processing, just dodged the lower third a little to show the treeline.
Not too cold out, only 7° above zero, Fahrenheit. Not bad for December 28th.

Cold Night Moon

Cold Night Moon © Chris Lane Photo

08 Jun

A look back at winter nights

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A Friday photo post to look back at the winter. These photos were taken in January of 2009 and if I remember correctly, it was incredibly clear and around -30°F which is rather interesting to think of considering it is over 80°F right now. I personally like somewhere in between, but in Northwest Minnesota, we tend to get the extremes.

I love the look of the light at night time. Everything is under light essentially and of course its (almost) all artificial. It is just so different from the day time everything looks drastically different. I really should do more photos like this, but I think they tend to work better in the winter because the snow on the trees helps soak up the little light that is there.
These photos are available as prints if you would like. Just use the handy paypal add to cart buttons below!

Winter Night

Winter Night © Chris Lane Photo
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Snow and Stars

Snow and Stars © Chris Lane Photo
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01 May

Snow on film

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I still occasionally shoot film. I love the mystery of it, the imperfections of it, the warmth and feel of film. I love analog. I still use my Minolta X-700 that I have had for many years to shoot 35mm. This winter I shot a number of scenes that I would like to share. These are generally unedited, though I did some minor dodging and burning. These are things I could do in a tradition dark room, though in this case I did the edits in photoshop. I intend on having a traditional darkroom in my studio, but that will be a few years down the line.
This is a repost from a fellow blog I co-run called No Megapixel, that is exclusively for film photography.

Enjoy the photographs and as always, let me know what you think.

Abandoned in Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Shack in Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Snow Road © Chris Lane Photo

Snow Skull © Chris Lane Photo

Tree Line © Chris Lane Photo

Winter Clouds © Chris Lane Photo

23 Mar

Snowy wonderland

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These photos for today were taken on the 4th of February at my home shortly after and during a wonderful snow dusting. The first photo is when a shaft of light hit only the trees in the distance lighting them up brilliantly. I will just let the images speak for themselves. Despite how much I love these images of winter’s wonder, I can’t wait for summer!

Light on Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Snow © Chris Lane Photo

Snow Play © Chris Lane Photo

05 Mar

The beauty of winter

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Still trying to find time to get my website updated so a small photo post for today. This is one I took recently after a snow storm had covered the trees and before the now shining sun had melted it away. This is the most beautiful time in winter and when I really love taking winter landscape photographs. Unfortunately, this blog is sized too small for photos of this magnitude to really appreciate. So in that case, I made it as another wallpaper. Click the name below for a 1900×1200 desktop wallpaper.
This image is also available as a fine art print, just use my order form by clicking here.


Snowy © Chris Lane Photo