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12 Mar

Keeping creative when debilitated

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House in progress

For the past year and a half I have been quite busy at work building a house. I’ve worked on it nearly every day since I started and I have made great progress with help from friends and family from time to time. But it has nearly taken over my life, in what I do. I haven’t had much time to do anything in the creative arts. I certainly haven’t done anything with this blog in ages. I recently started working with a new look to the site, but again, haven’t had much time setting it up properly. That quickly changed one afternoon, while I was up on a ladder stapling housewrap to the wall. The ladder slid out from the ground and I rode it down about 16 feet and in landing I smashed my knee. I smashed it so hard I broke the kneecap in about 4 or 5 pieces. Needless to say, I won’t be working on the house again for a little while.

Broken kneecap

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12 Nov

Podcast Playlist

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In the vein of continuous learning, I subscribe to a number of podcasts. I thought I would share these with you, so that you can learn along with me! I broke these into categories so that you can discern which you would be most interested in. I only put podcasts that are current in this list. Click the name to go to their website or do a search in iTunes to subscribe.


Audio 2U - Shutters Inc Audio 2U – Shutters Inc – Great source of inspiration and technical and business information for photography. The hosts are great fun to listen to with a very laid back manner.

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13 Aug

Design for the Fantasy realm

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Journey of Sorrows detail
Repeat client and friend, Dean Mehrkens, contacted me about the e-book he was about to publish and said that he needed a fantasy map and an image for a cover. The brief for the cover was simple, make it look ancient with just text. It had to include the name, subtitle, the initials CD in the center and his name below. He had given me a couple images of inspiration
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