Order Fine Art Prints

Thank you for your interest in ordering prints of my work. I handle all orders personally. Prints are on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Professional Super Type PD paper and are unframed.

Normal prints have a black border with the name of the image, my logo and web address. For an added price (+25%), the print will fill the page and only a small watermark in the corner will be visible. See below for example.

I will email you back with final price (with shipping) and payment instructions, safely done through Paypal. If you would like a size not listed, select custom and type the size you desire in the line comment field. If there are not enough lines, just hit submit and return to this page. I will send you a total of all orders, as long as they are within a short period of time (a day or two).

Thank you for your order!

The sizes and prices of the prints are listed both here and in the selection fields.

(Note: For certain images that are not in standard print ratio, such as a panorama, I will trim the remainder of the page. If you would rather the rest just be black, mention it in the comments.)

8x10 - $40
11x14 - $80
12x18 - $100
16x20 - $160
20x30 - $250

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