The Lasso tools are some of the more precise tools for making selections. Though not the best method, they are easy to learn and quick to use.

Click Here to View the Freehand and Polygon Lasso Tools video

(length 5:41)

Click Here to View the Magnetic Lasso Tool video

(length 6:34)

  • Third Button
  • Freehand Lasso is default
  • Arrow to show multiple tools nested underneath
  • Shortcut L
  • Shift-L changes amongst tools
  • Alt-click button changes amongst tools
  • Draw freehand shape selection by holding down LMB. Let go to auto-close shape - auto-close will draw a straight line directly to the point the shape started
  • works best with Wacom style tablet
  • With any selection path, you can edit anything within or constrain drawing or move a selection. You can also nudge it over with the arrow keys.
  • hold down Alt key and let go of LMB to quickly switch to the Polygonal lasso. You cna then click to get straight lines. hold down the LMB and let go of the Alt key to switch back to freehand Lasso.
  • Hold Shift to add
  • Hold Alt to subtract
  • Hold Shift+Alt to intersect
  • Feather is same as Marquee
  • Anti-Alias checkbox - make sure it is checked for non-pixelated selection
  • makes straight lines selections
  • Shift locks it to 45 degree increments
  • Holding down Alt will quick switch to Freehand Lasso
  • This tool will select outside of image
  • Sticks to edges of contrast.
  • Works best with high contrast, otherwise not always great
  • Click to make first point, then drag along edge.
  • Click for more anchor points
  • Close by double clicking, or Ctrl click, will auto-follow edge.
  • Alt dbl click to make straight line to close
  • Backspace will delete previous anchor points
  • Hold Alt and drag with Left Mouse Button to switch to Freehand. Hold Alt and click to switch to Polygonal. Let go of Alt and click to switch back to Magnetic Lasso
    Magnetic Toolbar
    • control how far away an edge will be found.
    • Can be high for high contrast. Low for low contrast for more precision
    • Left and Right Brackets [ & ] will adjust on the fly up and down
    • Shift+L or R Bracket will jump it to 1 or 256 respectively
    • Hit Caps Lock to see a circle indicator
    • selects based on difference between contrast to look for
    • Low value = high sensitivity, High value = low sensitivity
    • How many anchor points will be dropped along the selection path
    • Higher value will drop more points, but can be more jagged
    • lower value will drop less points, but can be problematic for sticking
  • final button is for pen and tablet input, such as a Wacom. more pressure will reduce width making it more precise.