The Marquee tool is the simplest of the selection tools, but certainly has it's place, especially with quick selections.

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(length 8:57)

  • Second Button
  • Rectangle Marquee is default
  • Arrow to show multiple tools nested underneath
  • Shortcut M
  • Shift-M changes amongst tools Rectangle and Ellipse only
  • Used for selecting basic shapes, generally in conjunction with other tools such as fill, delete, or the move tool (see previous video). Also useful to constrain drawing to just the selection.
  • Basic: Click and drag to select a rectangle area.
  • This will only select what is on the current layer.
  • will not select a portion of a vector layer, such as a pen shape. It will just move the entire layer.
  • Shift+Click to constrain to square.
  • Alt+Click to select out from center, where clicked.
  • Alt+Shift+Click to select square from center.
  • Will always be a flat rectangle, unable to rotate selection box.
  • Moving the box with spacebar before letting go of Left Mouse button
  • Move selection box using the same tool, will not move contents.
  • Hold Shift, then click and drag adds to selection
  • Hold Alt, then click and drag subtracts from selection
  • Alt+Shift will intersect.
  • buttons in toolbar repeat functions
  • Move selected contents with the move tool. draw within box, deleting within box.
  • Once selected, switch to move tool, demonstrate marquee selection does not go away.
  • Alternately, Once selected, hold Ctrl/Cmd to cut and move (instead of switching to move tool) but can no longer move the selection box without contents.
  • examples of what can be done, such as constrain drawing and levels editing.
  • Ctrl-H to hide outline
  • click anywhere to get rid of selection
  • Ctrl-D to get rid of selections
  • Ctrl+Shift D to return last selection
  • Feather input box must be entered before selecting, otherwise does nothing. If your selection is perfect, but needs feathering, will have to use the menu options or Refine Edge dialog, discussed later
  • Style Normal default function
  • Fixed Ratio constrains the ratio of the marquee dimensions but not the size, useful for things like 4:3 or 16:9 for TV, or 8.5:11, 4:6 for photo.
  • Fixed Size constrains marquee to exact pixel dimensions. Can be input for other sizes such as inch, cm, etc. Useful for needing similar multiple selections, or common sizes like 4inx6in for Photos.
  • For both of those, the swap Height/Width button.