The most basic, but quite possibly the most used tool found in the toolbar. There is a surprising amount of functionality in this guy.

Click Here to View Move Tool video

(length 9:49)

    Position in default workspace
  • how to find it if it isn't there (windows/tools)
  • keyboard Shortcut 'V'
  • move selected layer
  • shift move to keep alignment to 45°
  • alt-move to copy and paste
  • move guides into image
  • how to bring up ruler
  • view/ruler
  • ctrl-r
  • alt-move guides to change direction (hor to ver)
  • remove guides
  • with guides, layers will snap, if not, to turn on snap go to view/snap
  • move origin in ruler
  • right click ruler to change units
  • nudge
  • shift nudge
  • right click to select layer/group
  • shift R click to select multiple
  • sh R Cl again to deselect
  • select similar layers (finds shapes, rasters or smart objects, does not find sim blending modes)
  • link layers
  • autoSelect Layer/Group
  • sh Cl to select multiple
  • sh Cl again to deselect layer
  • transform controls checkbox
  • align two shapes/bounding boxes
  • align three shapes/bounding boxes (distribute evenly)
  • these align tools generally best left to Adobe Illustrator
  • auto-align pictures (for splicing)
    Move from other Docs
  • shift-move to auto-align in space (centers image)