seamless textureSeamless textures are pivotal in 3D applications for things like the ground, fabric, etc. In these two videos I show how to create a seamless texture all the way from taking the photo properly to making it seamless in Photoshop. Apologies for the subpar sound and video quality in the photography video. The second video seems a little truncated as I crammed about 45 minutes of work into just over 9, but I got across all the important info, I think.Click here if you want to download the seamless texture that I create in this video, along with the others I mention in the first video. Or click here for all of the texture packs I've created, all for free.

Click Here to View the Photographing Seamless Textures video

(length 2:42)

Click Here to View the Creating Seamless Textures In Photoshop video

(length 9:08)

  • Even light to reduce shadows
  • Try to keep the object flat and straight
  • Camera on a tripod and use either remote shutter or timer
  • Low ISO to reduce noise
  • Camera lens above 50mm
  • Mid to hi aperture
  • Camera at even plane with texture
  • Use Filter>Offset with values about half of image size
  • use stamp and heal tools to remove seams
  • remove any spots that would be obvious repetitions
  • Offset one more time
  • scan through image at 100% for final check